AIVA, the Artificial Intelligence Music Composer Enters Beta

AIVA AI Music Composition

AIVA.AI opened their AI music composition platform for early beta testers last week after an hour-long Twitch live stream demonstrated how far the algorithms have come.

At the moment the track customization is pretty minimal – key features like Import MIDI and search for influence features are still in development.

Current AI Styles:

  • Modern Cinematic
  • 20th Century Cinematic
  • Sea Shanty
  • Tango
  • Chinese
  • Pop/Rock
AIVA Preset SEttings
AIVA Customization

Without the MIDI upload, it’s impossible to test-drive the AI with your own compositions. With the recent examples shared by AIVA on their YouTube channel (see above), AI composition tools will clearly come to your DAW sometime soon.

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Post update:

  1. New instrumentations for Modern Cinematic preset: Epic Orchestra and Bass Piano Solo are now live on the platform
  2. A revamped sampler engine that supports up to 20x Round Robins, CC1 / Velocity Dynamics, as well as a new selection of instruments, including:
  • New brass ensembles (9 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, etc.)
  • Cimbasso
  • Male & Female Choirs
  • Bass Piano
  • Electric Guitars

AIVA Update 2:

  • New Presets: Jazz & Fantasy
  • Improved the playability of woodwind and brass instruments
  • Dedicated Piano roll section for Drums
  • Improved audio mastering for all preset styles
  • More diversity in drums & new drumkit sounds
  • Fixed a problem that occurred with Pop / Rock percussions: cymbal crashes will now appear a lot less often

Incoming AIVA updates:

  1. Custom dynamics in the MIDI Composition, which will allow for a more expressive audio composition
  2. Ability to select and modify certain elements of the composition.

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