Get Autechre’s Nord G2 Patches & Run on the Nord Modular G2 Editor on Mac OSX

An incredible secret release of various Nord G2 patches, Elektron, MPC, and MIDI SYSEX dumps are available on Autechre’s AE_LIVE website. The patches are the live instrument settings and MIDI sequences used during their 2014-15 live tour.

To download the patches, scroll to the bottom of the AE_STORE release page and you’ll see 4 stacked hyphens on the bottom left of the page. Click to download the patches in zip format.

Autechre G2 Patches:

  • AeLive08 060308.pchList
  • DaeX 11.pch2
  • ermmoix X19.pch2
  • ermpow3.7cc.pch2
  • ErmPowAUX5.pch2
  • fizpAd 14.pch2
  • HasTHreme3.2.pch2
  • numpeedXY 6.pch2
  • Nungmrl8.6.pch2
  • PongIX 11.pch2
  • VAeSTabX 3.9.pch2
  • VAeSTabX 4.pch2
  • VastringXYZ 11.pch2

To use the original Nord Modular Editor with OSX, you’ll need to grab a copy of Nord Modular G2 Demo over at the Electro-Music forum and have Wine installed on your Mac. You can either run directly in Wine or use the Winebottler feature to turn the .exe into a Mac app that sits in your dock. To connect it with your DAW, use the Soundflower app to route the audio in and set a virtual MIDI in/out in the AUDIO/MIDI settings.

NORD G2 DAW Integration

You’ve now got Autechre patches running from your MIDI arrangements in your DAW – absolutely insane. You can now reverse engineer the patches in the Nord G2 Editor or use the incredible Patch Mutator feature to create your own variations.

Nord G2 Variations

Grab the G2 Zips before they’re taken down and most definitely pick up a copy of AE_LIVE while you’re at it.


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