Acustica Audio Honey3: Early Access Pricing €89 – Save 47% OFF

Honey3 Channel Strip

Acustica Audio have updated their Honey Console Strip. Honey 3 is based on the 1970s era Harrison 32C equalizer + Harrison console preamp as used by Bruce Swedien on the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album.

Honey3 includes 4 separate plugins.

  • Honey3 Vintage EQ (A 4-Band standalone Equalizer with high and low cut filters derived from a 70s American series console).
  • Honey3 Classic EQ (A 4-Band standalone Classic Equalizer with high and low cut filters inspired by a broadcast console built by the same renowned American manufacturer).
  • Honey3 Comp (A versatile VCA-based channel compressor based on a feed-forward topology).
  • Honey3 Channel-strip (A Channel strip that includes some of the previously cited standalone plugins)

HONEY3 is based on Acustica Audio’s Core 13 engine and is a resampled version based on a pristine Harrison 32C Console Desk they recently acquired. SoundDrops meticulously sampled the console in its entirety, replicating its full sonic DNA inside the plugin suite, which you can now use to sweet up your tracks.

The original MJ ‘Thriller’ Console was sold at auction for $20,000. The going rate on eBay/Reverb is approx. $15k. You can also pickup a 1u-rack 32CS microphone preamp and channel strip for $2,495. For those working in-the-box – thanks to Acustica you can now get a Harrison Console in your DAW for 89 Euros / $99. Insane.

The Harrison 32C Console

For a 30-Day Trial download Acustica’s Aquarius App installer. Type the product name in the ‘search’ field inside Aquarius to find the ‘(trial)’ version of the product, then click on install. Authorize the install on your computer and then refresh your VST library in your DAW.

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